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If you feel anxious, nervous, or scared about visiting the dentist, know that you’re not alone. Millions of adults in the nation have dental phobia, which prevents them from receiving the treatments they need to keep their smiles healthy. At Wolfe Dental Hillsboro, we aim to make everyone that walks through our doors feel comfortable and at-home. One of the ways that we’re able to do this for our patients who suffer from this condition is by offering sedation dentistry in Hillsboro.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

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Dental anxiety can get rather intense at times. Patients need more than just a mild sedative in those cases. That said, you could try our office’s oral conscious sedation. It uses a pill to relax your body greatly for treatment. So, this option lets patients with strong dental fears get crucial care. Our team is happy to tell you more if you’d like. For extra details, keep reading or call us in the coming days.

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What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

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Oral conscious sedation is a way to ease strong dental fears. To be specific, it uses a potent sedative to calm a patient for their treatment. This medicine’s effects are more intense than those of nitrous oxide. As such, it’s suited for those with severe anxiety, fear, or discomfort.

Oral conscious sedation is applied via pill, not a face mask. You take this medicine just before your visit or right when you arrive. Once ingested, it’ll relieve your anxiety in fifteen minutes or less.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

A sedated woman receiving dental treatment

It doesn’t take much to implement oral conscious sedation. This service relies on few resources and lacks a big setup. All in all, many dentists view it as an easy form of sedation dentistry.

As was said before, oral conscious sedation works through a pill. Its main effect is a high level of calm and relaxation. (At times, patients will feel so relaxed that they don’t recall the visit afterward.) When this intense comfort takes hold, our dentists proceed with your treatment. They’ll also monitor your body’s responses to ensure your safety.

Oral conscious sedation won’t cause you to fall asleep while we work. Instead, it should leave you alert enough to respond to dentist instructions. Still, you’ll likely feel a bit dizzy after your treatment. It’s thus crucial to have someone drive you home from the visit. Your pill’s effects can take hours to fade.

Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

A woman consulting her dentist about oral conscious sedation

Most dental patients can qualify for oral conscious sedation, assuming they’re adults. The service’s only real requirement is that you have decent health. If you meet that criteria, you can receive this option without any problems.

All that said, this sedation does help some patients more than others. Its ideal candidates usually have one (or more) of the following:

  • A habit of rescheduling dental visits due to unease
  • Strong dental fear, anxiety, or nervousness
  • A need for many dental procedures or one long treatment
  • An overly sensitive gag reflex
  • An inability to keep the mouth open during treatment
  • Bad reaction to local anesthesia
  • Poor prior dental experiences

To fully confirm your candidacy, consult our office’s dentists. They’ll assess your medical history to see if oral conscious sedation can help.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dental patient with nitrous oxide sedation mask on

Nitrous oxide is a fast-acting form of sedation that we administer when you arrive at our office. We’ll guide you back to a treatment chair and place a small mask over your nose that will allow you to breathe-in a colorless, odorless gas. Within about three minutes, you’ll feel the full effects of the nitrous oxide, which many patients describe as “tingling” and “euphoric”. After your treatment is complete, we’ll remove the mask and the effects will quickly wear-off, allowing you to carry on with your day as you normally would.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Dental anxiety is incredibly common, which is why sedation techniques have gotten better and better over the years. That said, we understand if you still have some apprehensions about being sedated in the treatment chair. Rest assured that we’ll address any of your concerns before your procedure, but until then, we invite you to read through some of the questions we get asked the most about sedation dentistry in Hillsboro.  

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Is sedation dentistry safe?

For the vast majority of patients, sedation dentistry is completely safe for patients young and old. Nitrous oxide in particular is the safest option, as most patients can handle it without a hitch. Before administering sedation, though, our dentists will review your medical history and current medications just to be sure there is no risk of negative interactions. In addition, we will closely monitor your vitals at all times throughout your procedure. You can be sure that you’ll be in good hands every step of the way!

Am I a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

While sedation dentistry is ideal for nervous or anxious patients, it has several other uses. For example, sedation reduces the brain’s ability to register pain, so we may recommend it for patients with low pain tolerances or sensitive teeth. It also reduces the gag reflex, allowing patients who gag easily to undergo the dental treatment they need. Additionally, dental sedation can help patients who have difficulties sitting still or holding their mouth open for extended periods of time.

Patients with certain medical conditions, including pregnancy, or who are taking certain medications might not be good candidates for sedation dentistry. That’s why we’ll thoroughly go over multiple factors to be sure that sedation is right for you.

Will I remember anything with dental sedation?

Even though you’ll technically stay awake while under the effects of nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, your memories of your procedure will probably be fuzzy. Oral conscious sedation has a stronger effect, making you more likely to experience memory loss than with nitrous oxide. The good news is that this amnesiac effect makes dental care significantly easier for patients with extremely anxiety, fear, or negative dental experiences in the past.

How long does dental sedation last?

Different types of sedation last for different amounts of time. The effects of nitrous oxide should wear off within a few minutes after you stop inhaling the gas. As a result, you should be able to drive yourself back home or to work after your appointment and resume your day as normal. With oral conscious sedation, however, the sedative will remain in your system for much longer. You will most likely feel groggy for the rest of the day. For this reason, you should have someone drive you to and from our office and keep an eye on you for several hours afterward. You should also avoid driving for the next 24 hours, just to be on the safe side.