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Scanning device against white wall of Hillsboro dental office

We aim to make all of our patients’ appointments convenient and thorough. One way we’re able to do this is by investing in the latest technology for our practice. With gadgets like our intraoral camera, all-digital X-ray imaging system, and soft tissue laser, we’re able to provide more precise and accurate treatments as well as minimize any risks. To learn more about what advanced dental technology you may see at our Hillsboro dental office, keep reading below!

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Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are small, handheld devices that we can easily maneuver around your mouth to give us a magnified, clearer view of hard-to-see areas. The camera is attached to a large, chairside monitor as well, which allows us to show you exactly what we’re looking at in real-time and thoroughly explain any treatments we may recommend for the issue. That way, each of your checkups can be more precise and informative.

All-Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentist capturing digital dental impressions of a patient

In the past, dentists would use film X-ray imaging systems, which took longer to develop, used harmful chemicals for the environment, and had a higher radiation exposure. Today, we utilize a safer, faster, and clearer imaging system that’s more reliable and helpful. With it, we’re able to spot a variety of serious issues that could develop below the gums, like cysts and impacted teeth. Plus, it reduces radiation exposure by up to 90 percent, making it a completely safe process for both children and adults.

iTero® Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist pointing to computer monitor showing x rays of teeth

Have you ever had to endure a mouth full of gag-inducing putty for a dental impression? While this traditional method gets the job done, it’s definitely not comfortable or as precise as it could be. At Wolfe Dental Hillsboro, we use an advanced iTero digital dental impression system to capture and create a detailed blueprint of your smile. That way, whether you’re getting a dental crown or a nightguard, it will fit your arch of teeth perfectly.

Soft Tissue Laser

Computer monitor showing several digital models of teeth

Our office is also equipped with a versatile and helpful instrument called a soft tissue laser. It produces a concentrated beam of light that can zap away bacteria, assist with surgeries, and even be used during dental implant placement and recovery! It cauterizes any areas it touches on-contact, which helps minimize bleeding, eliminates any need for stitches, and drastically reduces recovery times for procedures. Think of our soft tissue laser as the new, precise, and more comfortable alternative to a scalpel.


Hand holding a dental laser device

Why wait when you don’t have to? Our 3D printer enables us to create all types of restorations, mouthguards, surgical guides, wax mock-ups, and more in-house without having to rely on an outside lab. This not only gives us complete control over the quality of your care, but it also significantly cuts down on turnaround times. When it comes to speed and convenience, this technology delivers the best of both!