Root Canal Treatment – Hillsboro, OR

Saving Your Natural Tooth &
Relieving Painful Toothaches

Model of damaged tooth needing root canal treatment in Hillsboro

Root canals are one of the most widely misunderstood dental procedures because there’s so many myths circulated about them. Many patients become scared when they hear that they need one, but truthfully, there’s no reason to be! Although this treatment is rumored to be “painful”, it actually helps relieve discomfort from severe toothaches and preserve our patients’ natural teeth. If you’re experiencing a severe and throbbing pain in your tooth, contact our office immediately so we can diagnose the issue and provide you with root canal treatment in Hillsboro before it gets any worse.

Why Choose Wolfe Dental Hillsboro for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Get Rid of
    Painful Toothaches
    Caused by Infections
  • We Offer
    Crowns Available

The Root
Canal Procedure

Illustrated dental instrument cleaning inside of tooth during root canal treatment

The root canal procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. Dr. Wolfe will access the inner chamber of your tooth where your pulp is hidden from the top, biting surface of the structure. He’ll remove the infected pulp that’s causing your pain and sanitize the chamber to make sure that no harmful bacteria linger. We’ll rebuild the structure of your tooth using a substance called gutta percha, and finally, top it off with a custom-crafted dental crown to restore your tooth’s strength.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

Illustrated tooth in need of root canal

The most common reason why our patients require this procedure is due to a tooth infection. When untreated cavities are left to develop, they carve out decayed pathways in your tooth that provide harmful oral bacteria access to more vulnerable structures located inside of it, like your pulp. Once they access this chamber, you may experience a severe toothache, since your pulp consists of soft tissue and nerves. This is the point where many patients call us and schedule an emergency appointment because they’re in so much discomfort. Root canal treatment allows us to stop the infection from spreading and save your natural tooth from needing to be extracted.