Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Hillsboro & Tanasbourne

Your smile is a vital part of your confidence and self-expression, which is why you deserve a smile you can feel proud of. At Wolfe Dental, our skilled dentists provide the cosmetic dental treatments you need to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Whether you want your teeth to be straighter, whiter, or more uniform, we know how to positively transform your smile. Schedule your cosmetic consultation today at one of our two office locations to learn what we can do for you!


Cosmetic Services for Your Custom Smile

You have unique goals for your smile, so naturally, you’ll need a cosmetic treatment plan that’s personalized to you. That’s why we offer a variety of cosmetic services tailored to suit your smile. At our office, you can receive:

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentistry?

It’s hard to overstate the value of being confident in your smile. Our smiles are an integral part of our lives. Being able to smile freely helps us to feel more secure in social settings, make better first impressions, and enjoy a more fulfilling quality of life.

Even healthy smiles can have flaws, but fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help. With the right treatment, we can solve simple things like stained enamel or completely revitalize a smile.

Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

If your smile isn’t as vibrant as it used to be, teeth whitening offers a simple and effective solution. The powerful results of professional-strength whitening can lift set-in stains from your enamel, revealing your natural color and leaving your smile several shades whiter!

Our office provides professional take-home teeth whitening kits personalized to your smile. A quick visit to our office is all that’s needed to take the impressions for your custom whitening tray. When your kit is ready, you can use it to whiten when and where it’s most convenient for you, whether it’s late at night, before an important event, or when your smile is starting to feel a bit dingy.

Best of all, this kit is yours to keep, and you can easily pick up a refill of the whitening gel anytime you drop by our office or come in for your routine six-month visits.

Are Take-Home Kits Better than Over-the-Counter Products?

There are countless products in your grocery and retail stores that claim to whiten your teeth with ease. These products often use a similar whitening solution as professional whitening, but at a much lower concentration. To have the same effectiveness, you’d need to use these products frequently over extended periods.

The problem with this is that prolonged exposure can weaken the enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity. Your teeth can also become permanently discolored. Professional teeth whitening kits are formulated to safely deliver a stronger whitening experience without risking your oral health or aesthetics. While other products may be good for occasional touch-ups, if you’re looking for noticeable results, a professional whitening kit is the safer and more effective choice.

Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

If your smile needs more than teeth whitening can accomplish, porcelain veneers are often the next step. These enhancements consist of thin ceramic shells that mimic the color and appearance of healthy, beautiful teeth. When placed over the front of a tooth, veneers can improve a tooth’s:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Length
  • Alignment

If you’re looking for a transformative cosmetic option that won’t require major alterations to your teeth, veneers could very well be your answer!

Rebuilding Smiles with Dental Implants in Hillsboro & Tanasbourne

Nothing impacts your smile’s appearance more than missing teeth, but the problems don’t end there. Gaps in your smile cause your remaining teeth to shift, and without chewing pressure, your jaw bone shrinks, altering your facial features and aging your appearance. With dental implants, however, you can revitalize your smile and preserve your oral health.

As the only tooth replacement option that restores both the root and the crown, dental implants are the most effective way to rebuild a beautiful smile after tooth loss. Each implant can support a variety of custom restorations, from a single tooth to groups and entire arches. With our high-quality materials and innovative technology, we can ensure that your implants are well-placed and that your new teeth look and feel like a natural part of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The effective design of dental implants offers numerous benefits for your smile’s appearance and health. These benefits include:

Stability: Dental implants fuse to the jawbone and become as sturdy as a natural tooth root.

Permanence: Your dental implant will last forever as long as you have a healthy jawbone to support it.

Function: Teeth supported by implants can bite and chew just like real teeth, so you can eat whatever you enjoy.

Health: Implants keep neighboring teeth from moving out of alignment, protecting your healthy bite.

Aesthetics: Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, completing your appealing smile.

How Successful are Dental Implants?

Dental implants have a 98% success rate on average, making them an extremely reliable treatment for teeth replacement. The most important factors are ensuring that the mouth is healthy, that the jawbone is strong enough for implants, and that the implants are correctly placed. Our dentists have extensive training and use innovative technology to analyze your oral health and jawbone density and to determine the optimal placement for your implants.

Composite Fillings for Discreet Repairs

Sometimes, teeth need repairs due to damage or decay. With composite fillings, your tooth can be strengthened and restored without having to affect the look of your smile. Our office uses high-quality composite material to address your oral health needs with a filling that’s both reliable and aesthetically appealing. These fillings bond to your enamel to create a tight protective seal, and best of all, they’re entirely mercury and heavy-metal-free!

CEREC Same-Day Crowns for Protection and Convenience

Crowns are a strong and effective way to transform your smile. Whether you have a tooth that’s damaged, worn down, too small, or severely discolored, a crown provides a neat and reliable solution. Thanks to our CEREC milling machine, we can produce your crown in our office and place it within a single appointment, making your smile transformation fast and convenient!

How the CEREC Process Works

Normally, receiving a crown takes an average of two weeks or more. With our CEREC machine, however, we can treat your tooth and fit your custom crown in a single appointment. First, we provide whatever treatment your tooth needs, then shape it to receive the crown. We then use 3D imaging technology to create a map of your tooth, which our CEREC machine uses to design your unique crown.

The machine then takes a block of high-quality ceramic and carves it into a new crown designed for optimal function and a comfortable fit. Once the crown is complete, our dentist can fit the crown, make any final adjustments, and bond it into place. You can leave the office with your new crown completed, and no need for a second visit!

Orthodontics for a Straighter Smile in Hillsboro & Tanasbourne

Crooked teeth, gaps, or crowded teeth dramatically impact the look of your smile. If you have alignment issues that can’t be concealed by veneers or corrected by crowns, straightening your teeth with braces can improve your aesthetics, oral health, and function all at once!

Why Straighten Teeth? 5 Ways Smile Alignment Matters

Your dental alignment affects much more than your physical appearance. Teeth that don’t meet correctly can have lasting health effects, not only for your oral health but for your entire well-being. Here are five ways your bite can impact your health overall:

  1. Cavities and Gum Disease – Crowded teeth are much harder to keep clean, which greatly increases your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  2. Poor Digestion – Teeth that don’t meet properly can’t bite and chew as effectively, which means your digestive system needs to work much harder.
  3. TMJ/TMD – The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that connects your jaw can become strained when teeth don’t meet properly, leading to jaw pain and headaches.
  4. Worn Teeth – When teeth don’t meet correctly, it creates uneven wear on certain teeth, and can even lead to fractures.
  5. Speech Impediments – Misaligned teeth affect the way you speak, and speech issues can often lead to frustration and embarrassment.

Fortunately, orthodontics has helped to successfully improve smiles for centuries. With today’s innovative technology and numerous treatment options, we can find the right way to help you or your child enjoy a straighter, healthier smile.

Your Orthodontic Options

Our office provides both traditional metal braces and Invisalign® clear braces. This allows you to choose the type that best fits your needs and lifestyle. Invisalign can provide discreet and effective treatment for those with mild to moderate alignment problems, while those with more complex situations can achieve a dynamic smile with the tried-and-true power of traditional braces.

Want to find out which type is right for you? Simply schedule a cosmetic or orthodontic consultation!

Is a Smile Makeover for You?

Sometimes, a single cosmetic dental treatment alone isn’t enough to get your smile where you want it to be. Our practice provides smile makeovers to give you the opportunity to achieve your dream smile. With a personalized treatment plan that keeps your goals and features in mind, we can customize your smile and build a look you’ll love that reflects your personality and boosts your confidence.

What’s Included in a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover includes two or more treatments, and the plan is tailored to meet the goals of the patient. Combinations are carefully considered to produce the desired results in the simplest and most effective treatments, such as using veneers for the most visible teeth and teeth whitening to brighten the rest of your smile.

At your cosmetic consultations, one of our skilled dentists will sit down with you to discuss your goals for your smile. Your plan will be crafted based on your desired smile, oral health, and facial structure. Any cosmetic treatment could be used, and we take the time to discuss options and create a plan that you feel confident in. When the plan is in place, you’ll know that you will achieve a smile that’s truly and uniquely yours.

Feel Good About Your Smile with Hillsboro Cosmetic Dentistry!

At Wolfe Dental, we love helping men and women feel confident in their smile’s health and appeal. Whether you are looking for a simple service or a complete smile transformation, our dentists are excited to help you achieve your best smile yet. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation at our inviting Hillsboro and Tanasbourne locations!


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